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The most performance oriented EV on the market. Powered by the 600 amp Navitas AC motor and controller, this electric vehicle will leave the competition in the dust. Your standard golf cart is only 250 amps, the 600 amp motor and controller that comes standard on these makes all the difference. All electronics are factory installed and covered under the 2 year warranty. This is the best part as time and time again customers return back with their cart asking us to make it faster. All carts can be upgraded to be faster, but at a cost and that is voiding the factory warranty. No need to worry about that with these as they already come with largest motor and controller known to golf carts all under the factory warranty.

Largest color selection available of any golf cart


Loaded with Tons of
Standard Features

  • Lifted

  • Navitas AC drive 600 Amp controller with Navitas 5kw motor

  • Italia Gussi Steering Wheel

  • Trojan, Crown or US batteries

  • Titan Body Set

  • Deluxe LED light kit (includes led headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals and horn)

  • Side Mirrors

  • Retractable Seatbelts

  • Rear flip seat

  • 80″ long track top

  • Fold Down Windshield

  • 14″ wheels with 23″ all terrain tires

  • Battery Indicator

  • Automatic Charger

The benefits of AC Power

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